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Nfinity Generation Next, Across the Pond

Submissions are now OPEN for the UK's first ever Nfinity Generation Next camp!

Become a LEGEND in the making!

By popular demand, Nfinity and Power Nation have partnered to bring GenNext to the UK. Generation Next, Across the Pond is a three day summer camp celebrating and nurturing the immense talent of young athletes in the UK.

Together, we will be picking the top 50 cheerleaders from the UK, ages 15 and under, who show elite level skills for their age. Those who are chosen will be invited to attend a camp taught by TOP industry coaches from both the UK and the US, hosted by Power Nation Cheer and Nfinity Athletic. 

Generation Next Across the Pond will be held this summer, August 22nd-24th, in Liverpool, England. There will be a cost for the camp. 

What to expect from Nfinity Gen Next Across the Pond...

Nfinity Generation Next is a three day tumble camp for young athletes with immense talent and potential. At Nfinity Gen Next Across the Pond, you will spend three days training with top industry tumble coaches from both the US and the UK. 

The cost of the camp will include the three days of training, training facilities and coaches, refreshments during your training sessions, and a fun activity for all attendees. 

As well as helping you to develop your tumble skills, Gen Next Across the Pond will be an amazing opportunity to meet likeminded young athletes from around the UK, and build friendships for life. 

We can’t wait to celebrate the amazing talent of the UK’s young athletes this summer. 

Submission details: 

  • Videos must be no longer than 90 seconds. 
  • Submission videos are to be posted as YouTube videos, which you will be asked to link in the submission form. Search Nfinity Generation Next applications on YouTube to see some examples!
  • Athletes must be 15 years of age or under as of December 31st, 2022.

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