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Nfinity Apparel

Rep the Nfinity brand and #PowerUp your training sessions with this brand NEW range of Nfinity apparel, created exclusively in collaboration between Power Nation X Nfinity.

Power Nation have partnered with Nfinity Athletic to bring an exclusive range of Nfinity Apparel to the UK. With unique designs, and high-quality products, our exclusive Nfinity range has everything you need for both training and everyday wear.

This range includes everything from edgy Nfinity sweatshirts, to a classic athletic vest with the Nfinity logo. Check back soon as we continue to add to this range.



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  • PowerNation X Nfinity Tote bag

    Nfinity Tote Bag

  • Nfinity Socks

    Nfinity Socks

  • Nfinity Sherpa

    Exclusive Nfinity Sherpa

  • Nfinity Joggers 2

    Nfinity Joggers

  • Nfinity Vest

    Nfinity Vest Black

  • Nfinity Belt Bag

  • Nfinity Vest White

    Nfinity Vest White


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